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  The Lazy Virtual Machine.

  Daan Leijen.

  Copyright 2001, Daan Leijen. All rights reserved. This file is
  distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.

/* $Id: prims.h 177 2002-11-15 16:21:56Z cvs-3 $ */

#ifndef _prims_h
#define _prims_h

#include "../core/module.h"

/* [load_static_symbol] loads the address of a symbol in a static libary. The library
   should not contain a file extension. If the [lib_name] is NULL, the function
   should be defined inside the lvm. This is the only mode supported yet. */
void* load_static_symbol( const char* lib_name, const char* name
                        , enum call_conv cconv, const char* type, enum name_flag flag );


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